Information for young persons turning 16 years old


This information has been prepared with the help of the Patients Participation Group (PPG) at Framfield House Surgery with input from local young people.


If you are going away from home to university or further education

Most universities provide a student health service linked to local surgeries that gives you the access to a similar range of services to those you can find at Framfield House. 

If your university or other educational institution doesn’t have a student health service, you are encouraged to register with a local GP practice.  You can find your nearest GP surgeries at NHS uk Service Search

For information regarding the vaccinations you should have prior to going to university, go to the NHS.uk Getting Medical Care as a Student  page or contact the practice.


If you move to a new location

If you're moving it’s a good idea to register with a GP surgery near your new location.  If there are several, you can find the contact details on the NHS uk Service Search page.  When you register you will be asked to fill in a registration form and may be asked for proofs of identity such as your passport or proof of address.

To find a local dentist, go to NHS.uk Search Dentists page.  Most dental practices do not accept NHS patients but only private ones.  You can ask friends, acquaintances, and reliable adults for recommendations.


If you are unwell but it is not an emergency, call 111 for free advice 24/7.

There are times when you may feel more comfortable talking to particular GP practice staff.  You can always request an appointment with your preferred clinician.

If you can suggest further subjects or links that would make this information more complete and useful please contact us at iesccg.framfieldhouse@nhs.net or 01394 615500.  


Taking full advantage of the National Health Service

You have a legal right to choose a local GP practice that best suits your needs. Try comparing GP practices according to facilities, services, access and performance before you decide. Ask friends, relatives and others you trust for their thoughts and recommendations.

The GP practice must accept you unless there are reasonable grounds to refuse you. These must not relate to race, gender, social class, age, religion, sexual orientation, appearance, disability or a medical condition. It must also give you in writing the reasons for any negative decision.

 A GP practice may decline to register you if:

  • it has no capacity to take on new patients;
  • it is not accepting patients that do not live in its practice area;
  • in your own circumstances, they feel that it may be better to find a practice that is closer to where you live.

GP practices in England are free to register new patients who live outside their practice boundary area.  It is for a practice to decide whether and when to do so.

For more information, read How to register with a GP practice


SystmOnline services

SystmOnline services is a facility provided by the practice clinical record system.   Your parents or guardians had access to your online record, but as of your 16th birthday that ceases. You will need to come in and ask to set up your own account.  Once you have access you will be able to book or cancel appointments with us, order repeat prescriptions, and to view your clinical records held about you by the surgery.  You can check test results, review your medications, and check your immunisations.


To register, just come in to the surgery with your proofs of identity.  The receptionist will give you a form to fill in and sign.  You will then be given details of your new Username and Password.  You can then log in and familiarise yourself with the website.  You will be prompted to change the password you are issued to something more memorable.  As with many other websites, it is smart to keep that information as a secret.



All information in your medical record is safe and protected including anything you tell us, whatever is written down, and details of any diagnosis and treatment.  You can request to see your health records at any time just ask the practice manager at the surgery.

If you are uneasy about visiting the surgery, please let the receptionist know.  We can arrange for you to have an early or late appointment or to avoid having to sit in the waiting room.

For information about whether your confidential patient information can be anonymised for use for research and planning, you can telephone 0300 303 5678 or go online to the NHS uk Your NHS Data Matters page.



General health information

The NHS web site goes into every health aspect of health care in up-to-date detail from A to Z. Some topics have video information.  Go to the NHS uk website.

BBC.co.uk/actionline - information and useful links to a range of subjects.

Website link: BBC Action Line

Be a blood donor from age 17 onwards.See the Blood website for details.

Healthy lifestyle services - Suffolk County Council has a website that gives much information on local health services.See the One Life Suffolk website for details.


Ipswich and East Suffolk Clinical Commissioning Group (IESCCG) is the main NHS entity from which funding and supervision of Framfield House flow.  Go to the Ipswich and East Suffolk CCG Patient Information Leaflets website for further details



Patient is a website that is easy to use and offers a very wide range of information on just about everything you want to know about health and health care.


Mental health

Alcohol abuse and addiction information is well covered by the NHS uk Alcohol Support website.

Anna Freud Centre for Children and Families has been providing psychological services for over 60 years. Visit the Anna Freud website for more information

T: 020 7794 2313. E: info@annafreud.org

Bullying or trolling and being trolled - The Anna Freud Centre’s onmymind website is useful.  Visit the Anna Freud On My Mind website.

Bullying UK is a national charity with good advice for young people. T: 0808 8002222 W: bullying.co.uk

ChildHealth - Texting Service: confidential help about a range of issues, or make an appointment with a school nurse by sending a text message to 07507 333356.

Children and young people’s emotional wellbeing - information, advice and support are available on the Suffolk Children and Young Peoples Emotional Well Being Hub page

T: 0345 600 2090 (Mon-Fri 8.00am to 7.30pm).

Childline - A well-established charity for young people under age 19, offering useful and sensitive advice. T: 0800 1111 Childline

County Lines - The Children’s Society website has a good section on the criminal exploitation of young people: Childrens Society

Drugs - One You is a clever and useful NHS web site about health and wellness.

NHS.uk One You

Drugs - honest information about drugs: Talk to Frank - help and advice on illegal substances. Talk to Frank   T: 0300 1236600

Exam pressure advice can be found on gov.uk Coping with Exam Pressure a Guide for Students

Healthy Suffolk - the home of public health in Suffolk offers lots of useful information. Healthy Suffolk website.

Mind - the mental health charity has an excellent website:  Mind

Obsessive-compulsive disorder(OCD)  Good information on NHS uk website.

OCDUK is a national charity offering information and advice: OCD uk org website.

Relationships - The Source is a Suffolk-focused service. The Source website.

See also Family Relationships below.

Samaritans - Providing support to anyone in emotional distress. Call free 24/7.   On 116 123    Samaritans website.

Self-esteem - the opinion we have of ourselves.  You can find good information at  NHS uk Raising Low Self Esteem website.

Self-harm - see your doctor at Framfield House for a confidential discussion.  Two helpful websites are Patient.info Self Harm, and Mind.

Suicide prevention - Papyrus is a national charity providing sensitive and helpful services for young people with suicidal thoughts  T: 0800 068 4141    Papyrus UK website.

Young people’s mental health - readable information about all aspects, with a good website: Young Minds.   T: 0800 8025544

Young people’s health project: 4YP - provides and co-ordinates services for young people in Suffolk aged 12-25. T: 01473 252607   4YP website.


Diet, weight, fitness, sleep, and well-being

Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculate your own BMI and find other information at

NHS uk BMI Calculator

Eating Disorders - BEAT provides a wide range of help on its website:

Beat Eating Disorders

Emotional Distress - Moodjuice is a Scottish NHS website which offers clever self-help assistance for young people with emotional problems

Mood Juice

Emotional well-being - confidential information, advice and support is on  Suffolkinfolink’s website:  Infolink Suffolk (gov.uk)

Also, a useful Suffolk-focused NHS website for young people feeling emotionally distressed. Well Being

Physiotherapy - If you have registered to manage your own care, you can self-refer to Allied Health Professionals Suffolk.  They provide NHS physiotherapy services for patients at Framfield House. T: 03330 433 966  AHP Suffolk.co.uk

Sleep problems - There is a wide range of information about sleep problems on the NHS uk website.

Smoking – One Life Suffolk is a website that furnishes specific help and encouragement for young people who wish to stop smoking.

Weight management - The NHS website provides multiple forms of help and information at: NHS uk

Find advice and support for weight management at One Life Suffolk.


Sexual and reproductive health

Local services and general information

Healthy Suffolk

Contraception - The NHS has a full guide on its website:

NHS.uk Contraception

Contraception services at GP surgeries, including Framfield House, are free and confidential.

Gay Identity - Switchboard is a long-established service for LGBTQ+ people. It provides help and support through its website: LGBT Switch Board 

Text messaging available.  You can text to 0300 330 0630

It Gets Better is a charity that enables LGBTQ+ young to know their worthiness and power as individuals. Visit the It Gets Better website.

Just like Us is another charity empowering LGBTQ+ people from the classroom into their careers. Visit Just like Us.

Outreach Youth is a Suffolk group dealing with a range of LGBTQ+ issues and gender identities.  W: outreachyouth.org.uk

 The LGBT Foundation provides a help line and a website at LGBT Foundation

The helpline is on 03453 30 30 30.

Transgender information can be found at Gender Trust. Gender Trust

HIV/Aids - the Terrence Higgins Trust provides service and advice nationwide. Terrence Higgins Trust.

Integrated Contraception and Sexual Health (iCASH) is a local NHS service working with the Terence Higgins Trust, offering NHS self-test kit and advice and more. Visit the I Cash website.

The National Aids Trust provides support and advocacy about HIV and Aids through its website:  The National Aids Trust


Rape and Sexual Violence

Suffolk Rape Crisis is a service for girls and women experiencing or fearing rape and sexual assault. Visit the Suffolk Rape Crisis website.


Preventative health

Alcohol  NHS.uk Alcohol Support

Diabetes - learn to live well with diabetes My Diabetes

Smoking NHS.uk 10 self help tips to stop smoking  One Life Suffolk

Social media concerns See ‘Bullying’ section above.


Family relationships

Confidentiality If you are anxious to keep certain matters private,  see nhs.uk/your-nhs-data-matters, or come in to Framfield House to speak with your doctor.  There is advice about data protection available at T: 0300 303 5678.

Family or domestic violence -  Child Line T: 0800 1111.

Young carers - support for young people who are formal or informal carers for ill or disabled family members is available at Suffolk Family Carers.  or Telephone 01473 835430.

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